■Post-doc position of Scripps Institution of Oceanography (University of California San Diego) for work using Southern Ocean State Estimate

We invite applications for a postdoctoral research position to investigate
dynamical processes in the Southern Ocean.

 The Diapycnal and Isopycnal Mixing Experiment (DIMES, http://dimes.ucsd.edu)
is a UK/US effort to measure mixing processes in the Southern Ocean and
assess their impact on the climate system. The postdoctoral researcher will
contribute to the Scripps component of DIMES by helping to produce and
analyze a Southern Ocean State Estimate (SOSE, sose.ucsd.edu).

 The candidate will join a group with goals aimed both at using DIMES
observations to improve SOSE and using SOSE fields to explore mixing,
overturning circulation, and transport across the Antarctic Circumpolar
Current (ACC). The project offers the opportunity to interact with the
broad international community of DIMES

 Research will involve incorporating the DIMES in situ observations as
constraints in SOSE. The observations include fields not commonly used in
ocean assimilation such as float trajectories and tracer concentrations. In
addition, the DIMES region will serve as a testbed to evaluate SOSE
performance in comparison to DIMES observations and other independent data
fields. This will allow improved understanding of SOSE uncertainties and of
the reliability of mixing and stirring estimates derived from simulated
float and tracer releases.

 The project also aims to quantify along-isopycnal transport by diagnosing
the buoyancy and momentum budgets in SOSE. The emphasis will be on
evaluating the spatial variations in mixing and overturning, with a
particular focus on exchanges of heat and other properties across the ACC.
The uncertainty analysis carried out in the DIMES region will allow
estimation of an error budget, making the results robust.  Meanwhile, the
SOSE framework will allow extrapolation of the DIMES results throughout the
Southern Ocean, thus allowing the DIMES results to inform large-scale ocean

 Initial appointments are for 1 year with possibility of extension for up
to 3 years in total.  Position will be open until filled. Applications
received by November 5, 2012 will receive full consideration.

 UCSD is an Affirmative Action/Equal Opportunity Employer with a strong
institutional commitment to excellence through diversity.