• History of the Geochemical Society of Japan
• The 2nd China-Japan Joint Forum[NOV]
• GSJ joined newly established Japan Union of Chemical Science and Technology (JUCST)[SEP]
• New web page was opened.[APR]
• Short Course of GSJ was held at the annual meeting[SEP]
Japan Geoscience Union (JpGU) was established.[MAY]
• GJ and ChikyuKagaku are now published in A4.[OCT]
• Society Office was moved to International Academic Printing Co.,Ltd.[OCT]
• GJ Award was established.[JAN]
• Goldschmidt 2003 was held at Kurashiki Sakuyo University.[SEP]
• Science Foundation Geochemistry Branch was renamed to be Geochemistry and Cosmochemistry Branch.[SEP]
• GSJ 50th anniversary memorial lectures were held at Kagoshima University. Memorial Awards were given.[SEP]
• Chikyukagaku were now published four issues per year. GSJ news were included in Chikyukagaku.
• Webpage of GSJ opened.[AUG]
• Members were now able to pay dues using automatic bank draft.[JAN]
• GJ and ChikyuuKagaku were now published by Tera Academic Publishing.[JAN]
• 1st Torii Foundation was distributed.[JAN]
Membership reached 1000.[MAY]
Science Foundation established Geochemistry Branch under Geosciences Division.[OCT]
29th International Geological Congress was held in Kyoto.[AUG]
• GSJ participated in Geochemistry Cosmochemistry Joint Congress, and held a spring symposium in Ookayama.[APR]
• Earth and Planetary Science Joint Liason Group was established.[JUL]
• 1990 Western Pacific Geophysical Meeting was held in Kanazawa.[AUG]
• GSJ Award Rules were added to bylaws. Society Awards were established.[JAN]
• GSJ Spring Symposium was held in Komaba.[APR]
Organic Geochemistry Study Group was established.[JAN]
• SCJ 13th congress. New membership was elected.
• Bylaws were revised: Admission fee 2,000 yen; Annuals dues 8,000 yen for members, and 6,000yen for student members.[OCT]
Promoted to Geochemistry Cosmochemistry Liaison Committee by SCJ.[NOV]
Fourth International Conference for Water-Rock Interaction was held in Sancho.[SEP]
Fifth International Conference for Geochlonological Cosmochlonological and Isotope Geology was held in Nikko.[JUN]
GJ were now published six issues per year.
• Published Mechanisms and Analysis of Aquatic Pollution.
• Business affairs became fully contracted out to BCASJ.
Chikyukagaku became biannual.
• GJ cover page was redesigned. Renamed Geochemistry Discussion Meeting to Annual Meeting of the Geochemical Society of Japan.
• Business affairs were partly contracted out to BCASJ. Bylaws revised: Admission fee 1,000 yen; Annuals dues 6,000 yen for members, 4,000 yen for student members, and 15,000 yen for contributing members.[OCT]
Established Geochemistry Cosmochemistry Research Liaison under Science Council of Japan Geosciences Liaison Committee.
GSJ became an official member of Science Council of Japan.[DEC]
Science Council of Japan officially joined IACG.[OCT]
Chikashoui News launched. Organic geochemistry Lounge established.[MAY]
• Business office was moved to KishoKenkyusho. Fiscal year was to be coincided with Calendar year.[JAN]
• LACG Aquatic Geochemistry Biogeochemistry International Symposium was held in Tokyo.[SEP]
• Bylaws were revised. There were to be one president, one vice president, thirty committee councilors, and one inspector. Membership dues were 2,000 yen for members, 3,500 yen for corporate members, 10,000 yen for contributing members, and free for honorary members.[NOV]
Japan IAGC Cooperative Association was established.[AUG]
Launched ChikyuKagaku.
• Bylaws were revised. There were to be one president, one vice president, twenty committee councilors, one inspector, and six secretaries. Membership dues were 1,500 yen for members, 2,000yen for corporate members, 10,000 yen for contributing members, and free for honorary members.[APR]
Launched Geochemical Journal. It was published quarterly.
Science Council of Japan established Geochemistry and Cosmochemistry Joint Committee. Committee Chair was Ken Sugawara.[OCT]
IAGC was established at the First IUGS in New Delhi.[DEC]
Geochemical Research Group (GRG) became the Geochemical Society of Japan (GSJ).[APR]
Bylaws were revised. There were to be one president, one committee chair, twenty committee members, one inspector, and six secretaries. Contributing members were accepted. Membership dues of 300 yen for members and 10,000 yen for contributing members.[OCT]
Launched Chikyu Kagaku Research Group Newsletter.[MAR]
Geochemical Research Group was started with approximately 200 members. A president and few committee members were selected. Office was located at Nagoya University Geosciences Department. Membership dues of 100 yen was established. Fiscal year started in April, and ended in March.[APR]