Geochemical Society of Japan (GSJ) is a scientific organization of geochemistry and cosmochemistry field with over 900 members. The GSJ has been established in 1953 with 200 members and has re-started as a general incorporated association since 1st of November 2017.

The GSJ has published an international journal, “the Geochemical Journal (GJ)” and a Japanese journal, “Chikyu-Kagaku (Geochemsitry)” since 1966 and 1967, respectively. The GJ was the first SCI journal of Earth Science field in Japan, indicating that the members of early GSJ had an ambition to stand at the international community of earth science.

The GSJ has tried to build up the cooperative and constructive relations with researchers worldwide by not only the publication of international journal but also the cooperation with international academic groups of geochemistry and cosmochemistry. We have engaged MOU with Chinese Society for Mineralogy, Petrology and Geochemistry (CSMPG), Geochemical Society (GS), European Association of Geochemistry (EAG), and Geological Society of Korea (GSK). We have exchanged the scientists through annual meetings with CSMPG and GSK. We also support the Goldschmidt Conference.
The GSJ will intensely continue to contribute to the field of geochemistry and cosmochemistry throughout the scientific and human exchange programs.

We are welcome everyone who wants work with us.

Best wishes,

Prof. Dr. Harue Masuda
President of Geochemical Society of Japan