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Geochemical Journal (GJ) is an open access journal from July 2013. Authors can choose to publish their papers open access or not. See detail at the web site.
Geochemical Journal EXPRESS LETTER

Geochemical Journal (GJ) "EXPRESS LETTER" is devoted to providing rapid and open dissemination of important new research results in all fields of geochemistry and cosmochemistry.

Access to "EXPRESS LETTER" is free to all individuals with internet browsers.

Letters are published online as they are accepted for publication, and also appear bi-monthly as a section in the Geochemical Journal.

Features for Authors
  • Rapid Publication -Letters will normally be published within four months after submission.
  • Free Color Online - There is no charge for color figures in our online journals.
  • Free Online Access by worldwide readers

Information for Contributors

For your enquiry write to: gj(atmark)
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